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Amando story

Amando is a small start up business founded in the UK from a collaboration of childhood friends & co workers I met through my 15 years of corporate experience working for ethical production. From Istanbul to Hong Kong, San Francisco to a cotton town named Denizli, Amando is lucky to be influenced by beautiful and talented women from all over the world.

My son who is almost 3.5 years old now was diagnosed with severe eczema when he was 6 weeks old. During this difficult battle, cotton and primarily muslin have been an ultimate friend in our lives. We continue to fight eczema by use 100% cotton and organic cotton in all of our clothing.

At Amando, we seek to provide high quality Turkish cotton and skin friendly products for the well being of you and your families. It is important that each item is produced ethically and captures design, functionality and style. 

More importantly we want our products to bring a smile and love to families.

If you have any questions or queries about any of the products we stock, please write to customerservice@amando.co.uk or contact us via our contact page.